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Sylvie Yearit Sheftel / Resume


Born in France. Studied Theater in Tel-Aviv, Israel from 1976-1978.


Sylvie Yearit Sheftel was an actress for thirteen years before beginning to work
in the medium of photography in 1989. Studied a
t the Art College of Ramat-Ha'sharon, Israel – Ha'midrasha.


Through direct and manipulative photography, Sylvie yearit's work borders reality and illusion. She transforms banal objects into abstract, often universal symbols. This process of transformation creates a subtle interplay between the collective subconscious and the photographic medium. The resulting work expresses dreamlike surrealism through dramatic use of both light and color.

Fibers, netting and textile often add depth and texture to her work.


Natural elements such as flowers, birds and insects may be utilized as symbols of evolution and the passage of time.



2010    Dwek Gallery, Mishkenot Sha'ananim: 'Filter', Jerusalem, Israel 

2004    Galeria ZPAF: ' …This time I'm not going to Auschwitz..',  Krakow, Poland

1998    Amos Eno Gallery: 'One At a Time', New- York, NY

1997    Kfar Saba Municipal Gallery: '4 Women Photographers', Kfar-Saba, Israel

1996    Limbus Gallery: 'Bgadim Ba'Halon',  Tel-Aviv, Israel

           Amos Eno Gallery: 'recollection: 4 Objects, One Window', New-York, NY

1994    Yefet Gallery: 'Burial Process', Jaffa, Israel

           Kidmat Eden Gallery: 'Homework', Tel-Aviv, Israel






2020    The Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
            "Follow Spot"

2019    Almace'n Gallery, Yafo, Tel-Aviv, Israel

           "To hear again"

2019    Israel Museum, Ticho House, Jerusalem, Israel
           "Seeds of the Land"

2009    Beit agnon, Jerusalem, Israel 

           Beyt–Amiad, Liga 2009 – Women exhibition, Jaffa, Israel 

2007    Workshops Artists-Rishon Le'zion, " Shti va'erev be-shesh ba'erev",
           Rishon Le'zion, Israel 

2003    Limbus Gallery, Gallery Auction, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

           Arania / Restaurant / Art / Bar , B…is BA'IT, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

2002    Titelbaum, Art News, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

           Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

           Artist's Space. Work On paper, Auction, New–York, NY 

2001    Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

2000    P.S 122 Gallery Auction, New–York, NY

           Vision Photo Auction, Lower Eastside Girls' Club, New–York, NY

1998    P.S 122 Gallery Auction, New–York, NY

           Limbus Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

           Gross Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

1997    Photo Soho, photography Auction, New–York, NY

           Amos Eno Gallery, New–York, NY

           Artist's Space. Work On paper, Auction, New–York, NY

1996    750 Gallery, Sacramento, Ca 

           Amos Eno Gallery, New–York, NY

1995    Amos Eno Gallery, New–York, NY 

1994    Kfar Saba Municipal Gallery, Art focus: contemporary Israeli Art  ,PHOTOGRAPHY             between DOCUMENTRY & ART, Kfar-Saba, Israel

           Arad Museum, Boo'ot , Arad, Israel 

           Bat-Yam Museum, Boo'ot,  Bat-Yam, Israel 

1993    Graduates from Art College, Ha'midrasha, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

           Bugrashov Gallery, Photograpaphy Department of Art College, Ha'midrasha

           Tel-Aviv, Israel 

           Betzalel School of Art, Boo'ot , Jerusalem, Israel 






Buhl collection, New–York, NY 

Na'aman-Eitan-engineering & construction co ,20 pictures on acquisition, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Doron COLLECTION, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

David COLLECTION, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Golan COLLECTION, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Trachtenberg & Heyward, New–York, NY






2003    Book cover -" Days of tranquility " by Lizzie Doron, Keter Books, Yad-Vashem 

2002    Book cover - " Where family was " by Lizzie Doron, Keter Books, Yad-Vashem 

1994    Book cover – " A mother for hire " by Shimon Zimmer, Ha'Kibutz Ha'Meuchad

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